What changes does the laughter therapy bring about in the body

The exercises of loud laughter, silent laughter and horse laughter shown above, the warming up exercises of muscles and joints, preceding them and the breathing exercises, succeeding them, straighten and loosen the abdominal muscles, the spine muscles, the diaphragm between the abdominal and thoracic cavities and the muscles on the face. In a short time, all these muscles become strong. As breathing becomes faster, you breathe in four to six times as much oxygen than those who live a sedentary life and perform no exercise. You fully breath out the residual air and also carbon dioxide that it contains. The rate of heart beats and the blood pressure rise. Blood flows faster in arteries. In times of urgency, blood is more efficently supplied to any part of the body. Since the brain receives sufficient supply of blood, chemical neuro transmitters function with a higher frequency Mind is filled with joy and memory becomes sharper. Pain killers and tranqullising substances called andorphins are secreted by the brain. They remove physical pain and mental uneasiness and blood pressure becomes normal. One has no danger from Diabetes, Asthma, Skin Diseases, Heart diseases, Cancer etc. that develop in old age. The Laughter Therappy exercises of 20 minutes adds 20 years to life-span. 215 calories are consumed.


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