About Laughter Therapy

Laugh full heartedly, you will be healthy, your mind & body will dance with joy & Laughter
Laugh Fullheartedly. It is an easy way to lifelong fitness. Bear it in mind that when you feel worried about your Health, Laughing full-heartedly is the best remedy. This has been scientifically proved. For fitness of body and exuberant joy of mind, full-hearted laughter is a never failing remedy. Laughing knowingly or unknowingly, with purpose or without purpose, singly or in a group rejuvenates life and promotes joy and enthusiasm. While Laughing, you are in a state of meditation and enjoy enormous peace of mind. Your body becomes active. Laughter is spread all around in nature. Look for Laughter in blooming flowers, in a cuckoo’s sweet coos, in the rays of the rising sun, in the smoothly flowing river water and in drizzling rain. Your mind will feel joy, your agonies will disappear and you will feel very happy.


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